Campers aren’t just for campgrounds anymore. The luxury camper rentals at Leisure RV Rentals LLC in Loudon, NH, come in handy for a variety of uses, including an alternative to expensive hotel accommodations near the festivals, NASCAR races, and countless other special events that keep New Hampshire fun. Our RVs are also ideal for extra accommodations when family or friends visit at holiday time! Call us today at (603) 608-3076 for a free quote on your next camper rental.

Pristine, Well-Maintained RVs

We only rent late-model campers, with all the modern conveniences including a stove, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, double sink, and bathroom. Clean comforters are placed on all the mattresses that will be used when you arrive, so you’ll be as cozy and comfy as if you were in your own home! We supply all units with the following necessities:

  • Entrance-door rugs (for inside and outside)
  • A wastebasket with two liners
  • Toilet tissue
  • A tank of propane
  • A full tank of water.

You can also rent generators and folding tables for an additional fee.

We carefully clean, sanitize, and service our travel trailers between rentals, and since we insist on renting only pristine campers to our customers, we have strict no-smoking and no-pets policies. Find out more about our process by reading the answers to some common questions.

Camping in Comfort — and Then Some

A camper from Leisure RV provides shelter from the elements when you return from a hike or an afternoon of fishing on vacation, but it also can save your sanity when you’re hosting a family reunion, wedding, or a house full of holiday guests. Give us a call and we’ll set up a travel trailer in your driveway for additional sleeping space and get Cousin Eddie out of your hair!

Whether you need a short- or long-term camper rental, we can help. Our RVs are used by production companies as on-location green rooms, for example, and by homeowners as temporary housing while processing insurance claims for storm, fire, or water damage.

We Do the Heavy Lifting Get a Quote

At Leisure RV, we deliver and set up all of camper rentals at a location of your choice, anywhere within a 100-mile radius of our location in southern New Hampshire — no hauling hassle or wear and tear on your vehicle! At setup, we show you how everything works, and when your rental period is over we handle tear-down duties as well.

Camper Rental Saves Money

Are high costs keeping you from taking your dream vacation? Consider renting one of our affordable campers and avoid the long hotel stays and restaurant tabs that can wreck your travel budget. Camper rental rates are also less expensive than motorhome rentals, and you won’t pay for insurance or New Hampshire’s 9 percent vehicle rental tax. Our customers usually pay 25 percent to 40 percent less than they would to rent a motorhome—and they enjoy more living space and sleeping accommodations!

Leisure RV is New Hampshire’s largest camper rental provider, but that doesn’t lessen our commitment to keeping our customers satisfied — and coming back. Nearly a third of our clients have rented our campers before, and we love hearing about their yearly adventures. Contact us today at (603) 608-3076 to reserve a camper for your next trip. There’s a reason our motto is “We Rent Fun!”