Although travel trailers are usually pressed into service as comfy accommodations at campgrounds, the team at Leisure RV Rentals LLC can also steer you toward other suitable uses in and around New Hampshire. Our campers have been a popular alternative to pricy hotel rooms near area festivals, NASCAR races, and other special events, for example, and they’re a great way to add sleeping space when family visits. Contact us today at (603) 608-3076 for a free quote on your next travel trailer rental. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Rental Units

26′ Wildwood Travel Trailer

29′ Wildwood Travel Trailer

29′ Dutchmen Travel Trailer

Clean, Well-Kept Homes Away from Home

All our travel trailers are recent models, offering plenty of space and all the comforts of home. They come equipped with kitchens and bathrooms and beds with real mattresses. We supply each unit with the following necessities:

  • Clean cotton comforters for each bed that will be used
  • Toilet paper
  • Trash can with two liners
  • Entrance rug and runner rug
  • Your first tank of propane
  • A full tank of water

Generators and folding tables are also available to rent for an additional fee.

Between rentals, our campers are meticulously cleaned, thoroughly sanitized, and regularly serviced. And because we want our units to stay in pristine condition, we don’t allow smoking or pets, and we ask that renters don’t use the dinette as makeshift sleeping space. That’s what the beds and bunks are for!

Comfortable Camping and so Much More

In addition to providing a break from the great outdoors while camping, travel trailers come in handy for many other occasions. How about setting up a “hotel in the driveway” for guests attending a wedding, family reunion, funeral, or holiday gathering? One year, we provided travel trailer rentals for five weddings held at the same campground or residence!

We supply short- and long-term travel trailer rentals for any circumstance. Our units have been used by production companies in need of a mobile green room, for instance, and by homeowners who need temporary housing while processing an insurance claim for fire, water, or storm damage. We even can bill insurance companies directly.

Let Us Do the Driving Get a Quote

At Leisure RV, we deliver all of our travel trailer rentals to the destination of your choice, where we handle setup and take-down duties as well. Our territory covers a 55-mile radius of our location in southern New Hampshire, reducing wear and tear on your vehicle and sparing you the hassle of hauling a camper yourself. While we’re there, we provide in-person orientation and instruction. In the event that your camper has been placed and set before you’ve arrived, please give us a call at (603) 608-3076 and an over-the-phone orientation will be given. If you have any questions during your rental, please don’t hesitate ot contact us.

Why Rent a Travel Trailer?

It’s a cheaper than hotels and even motorhomes! If high costs are keeping you from taking your dream vacation, consider a travel trailer rental for your next trip. It’s no secret that long hotel stays can drain your wallet quickly. But even experienced RV adventurers might not realize that travel trailers cost less to rent per day than motorhomes — and don’t require additional insurance or the 9 percent New Hampshire meals and rental tax. Your fuel expenses will also be considerably less than if you were driving a motorhome.

Our customers typically save 50 percent by renting travel trailers, and they usually have more living space and sleeping accommodations than in a motorhome. But don’t take our word for it: Call us at (603) 608-3076 today!